Casinos: Rise of the Robots

The opening of the first casino in Las Vegas was legendary. It was a desert oasis where visitors could roll dice, play cards, and indulge in all sorts of amusements that were prohibited back home. That original casino eventually became the world-famous The Flamingo Hotel and Casino. Since then, it’s been joined by dozens of beautiful resorts featuring all the sights, sounds, and glitz imaginable.

The robot uprising has begun at casinos, and it’s a good thing for everyone.

Robots are taking over the casino floor, and it’s a good thing for everyone.

  • Robots are more accurate than humans. They do not make mistakes as people do, and they can calculate odds faster than any person could ever dream of doing.
  • Robots play by the rules. They don’t try to cheat or trick you into losing money at the tables or slots—all they want is for you to have fun!
  • Robots are cost-effective. Think about it: if your dealer misses an ace in blackjack, she has to pay out on that hand anyway (as do you). If a robot misses an ace in blackjack—no one loses anything! It’s a win-win situation all around!

Even Vegas is getting in the robot game.

But even Vegas is getting in on the robot game. In fact, it’s already happening: The city’s newest casino, Resorts World Las Vegas, will be equipped with a slew of AI-powered automatons when it opens its doors next year. The hotel has been designed to accommodate guests’ every need using robotic assistants and automatic check-in kiosks; there’s even an artificially intelligent concierge named Frankie that can recommend restaurants and shows based on your mood.

Such forward-thinking ideas will only become more common as time goes by—it’s estimated that one in three jobs today could be replaced by robots or artificial intelligence (AI) within the next decade or two. But don’t think this means robots are taking over all of our jobs—their presence just means we’re living in an era where technology can do more than ever before to streamline our lives (and give us something fun to do while we wait).

The world is changing, but so too are the casinos that fill it with excitement and wonder.

The world is changing, but so too are the casinos that fill it with excitement and wonder.

  • There was a time when you had to travel to Las Vegas for a taste of poker. Now, you can get into your car and drive down the street in order to play with your friends at any number of different locations around town. Some may call this progress; others might call it an unnecessary waste of time and money. Regardless of what side of the issue you’re on, one thing remains certain: Casinos have adapted nicely over time. They’ve evolved from simple establishments into complex experiences that combine elements from across multiple industries (and sometimes even other worlds!).
  • One such adaptation has been introduced by companies like Playtech Ltd., which have partnered with major casino operators across the globe in order to provide cutting-edge technology solutions like their “Robot” platform designed specifically for online gaming purposes! Although critics may disagree about whether these new machines will replace human dealers altogether or if they’re here just because “it’s cool”, there’s no doubt about another thing: Robots are here now – and they’ll likely stay around for quite a while before disappearing completely from our collective consciousness again someday soon (if ever).

No human-based dice rolling will be replaced

There will always be a place for humans in the casino industry. Robotic gamblers are not meant to replace human dealers, croupiers, and poker players; they’re meant to complement them. The robots will provide extra excitement at the tables and make people smile, which is exactly what casinos want all their customers to do!


It’s clear that casinos are already starting to embrace the robot revolution. In a few years, these robots will be everywhere. The robots may not have a soul, but they are still making us smile.